A Gallery of Folk Art Lino Prints And Curious Creatures.

An original black and white lino print of a hare and lurcher against a full moon by Ansari Prints.

The Hare & Lurcher Lino Print

An original black and white lino prints of Crows and Thistles by Ansari Prints.

Crows & Thistles Lino Print

An original Lino print of a wolf in black on off-white paper by Ansari Prints.

Wolf In The Woods Lino Print

A printed angel with floral design in red

Angel lino print

A blue and white Lino Print of 2 peacocks standing underneath a palm tree surrounded by a Mogul Arch by Zoe Ansari.

Peacock Heaven, hand printed Lino Print on Awagami Factory, Kitakata Green Paper.

A red angel with shooting stars in red

Angel No.2 Lino Print

A gold hand printed lino print of an Angel flying in a dove.

The Lazy Angel Lino Print. Hand printed onto Japanese, Awagami factory Kozo Paper with Gold Traditional Relief ink.

A Lino Print in Midnight blue of a fox walking past some buildings at night smoking a pipe with plants framed by a moon and plants and with eyes by Zoe Ansari. Printed onto Crean coloured Kitakata paper.

Urban Fox, ‘Urbanes Vulpes’ relief print. Printed onto Japanese Kitakata cream paper.

A black and white lino print of a crow and a snake thank you note

 Thank you, Crow, Snake and Roses.

A black and white relief print of carousel horse with a patterned border by Ansari Prints

Sunny Hunny, Lino Print. I was asked to create this relief print for the Thought Press Project to raise money for charity. This was my submission and the theme was childhood memories. You can purcase Sunny Hunny along with many other prints by talented printmakers through their website.

A blue and white relief print of a witch and a fox standing under a tree with eyes hand printed by Ansari prints.

‘The Fox & The Witch Tree, hand printed Lino Print onto Japanese  Hosho Paper, off white. 

A green and white lino print of a lion holding a banner saying thank you

Lion Lino Print, Thank you note.

A Circular black and white logo design for knitters Cottage featuring a Cotswold Sheep and a lurcher with knitting on a washing line. There is a cottage in the middle.

A logo design for Knitter’s Cottage.

This logo was designed as a stamp to lable the clients wool skeins. I also created a simplified version for her social media and website icons.

Vicky produces beautifully soft wool from her own flock of Cotswold Sheep. Her wool is available to purchase through her online shop.

A hand carved welsh slate plaque of a naked sea goddess riding a sea monster

‘Keto’ Goddess of Sea Monsters, Welsh Slate Plaque, 300/300mm. I was commisioned to design and carve this plaque for The Nereids Exhibition curated by The Lettering Arts Trust. Which is a travelling exhibition featuring other Lettering Artists. This piece is available to purchase through their website.

A design for a tote bag for a vegetable store. It has lettering in the middle and vegetable framing the lettering.

I designed this for a Tote Bag for Simon’s Vegetable Stall on Cambridge Market.  

Logo for Ansariprints

Original Hand Carved, Hand Printed Lino Blocks For The Curious Collector.

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