Urban Fox Lino Print


A Lino Print of a fox walking past some victorian buildings smoking a pipe surrounded by freaky florals with eyes printed in midnight blue on cream paper by Zoe Ansari.


The Urban Fox Print is inspired by the sighting of foxes in my local area. I live on the outskirts of town and see them regularly at dusk while walking my dog or in the car. I have anthropomorphized my fox in this print, imagining how animals have adapted to live in our world and taking it a bit far.
Urban Fox is a hand-carved, hand-printed lino print . Printed onto a warm cream Kitakata Paper, hand-made by the Awagami factory in Japan. An original hand-carved lino print onto 36gm Kitakata paper by Zoe Ansari.

Paper size: approx 370mm /266 mm.

Image size: approx 310mm/220mm


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