Zoe Ansari

inspired by folk art paintings and Patterns.

Thank you for visiting my website. Here you’ll find a short story of myself and my work.

Ansari Prints are a collection of lino prints inspired by Nature, Folklore and music.

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I am Zoe Ansari creator of Ansari Prints. I make quality hand-carved Lino prints from my home studio in Cambridge. I live with my partner, two children a lurcher and three inky cats.

I am inspired by a love of nature, Arts and Crafts pattern design, music, folklore, and the endless possibilities of an overactive imagination. I love all the processes of lino printing. Realizing my ideas into a finished design.

Carving the lino is so satisfying. Making and creating is when I’m at my happiest. It can be a lot of fun. I hope that this translates into my work and onto the walls of your home. 

My ideas come from many sources and I often find that I have a backlog of ideas waiting to emerge onto paper.  I’m fascinated by the idea of little hidden worlds within my lino prints. Where the bugs live and what lives beneath our feet. I like to get lost in the detail. The whole process of lino printing can be a lengthy one. I like to take my time with designs, carving, and printing. Some prints can take several weeks or months to finish. 


A little bit of history

I became smitten with Lino printing and etching whilst studying printmaking at Cambridge School of Art, many years ago.

I have had a pretty varied creative career since then, from animation to letter-carving in stone. All of this experience feeds into my work as a printmaker. My style has a quirky cartoony feel which I think works well with the graphic nature of Lino printing. I also am really fascinated by heraldic designs and their fantastical beasts. I think that stems from my time as a letter-carver in stone. I was exposed to heraldic design and would on occasion be required to carve some heraldry in light relief.

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